About Us

Born out of the expertise of BancVue®, CheckingFinder.com is your easy path to opening free, high-interest checking and savings accounts. Its clear, side-by-side comparisons guide you to the best community banking choices for you. What's more, it helps you increase the value of every dollar you earn and save. And because protecting your personal information is a top priority, CheckingFinder.com supports the most trusted security technology in the industry.


A research-driven company, BancVue provides innovative products, marketing, consulting, training and multi-channel online strategies to nearly 1,300 community banks and credit unions nationwide. Offerings include: online finance management, consumer-first accounts, online account opening, search marketing, financial literacy, and content and lead management.

We are proud of the accounts on CheckingFinder.com, because they help everyday people earn exceptionally high interest. Most interest-bearing accounts require large minimum balances (often $10,000 or more). Which is great for those with money to spare, but not so great for most everyone else. Our no minimum balance approach means anyone can open a free, high-interest checking account and put their money to work quickly and easily.

Find & compare accounts - open one that's right for you.